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How thinking like an entrepreneur could make corporate organisations 26% more productive

What drives agile, highly productive businesses? It’s a question that leads directly from the current debate about culture and organisational ‘Purpose.’ It’s a question that has made us determined to understand and measure the impact purpose – and to show definitively whether purposeful companies are really better – both ethically and commercially.

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It’s not about having Purpose, it’s what you do with it

What drives high-performing, agile businesses? What do they have that is missing in so many sluggish ‘corporate’ organisations? It’s a question that we have become obsessed with – and spent the last couple of years researching with leading institutions including the Universities of Cambridge and Plymouth. It’s a question we think we may just have answered.

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Helping big companies harness the power of purpose through entrepreneurial thinking

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that when purpose drives strategy in an environment of trust, it creates passionately engaged people, innovative cultures and clear and high-velocity management. We call this entrepreneurial thinking. And it leads to unstoppable change.

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