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  • Building trust to increase revenue
  • Activating purpose
  • Increasing retention and revenues
  • Winning clients by understanding entrepreneurs
  • Building strategy buy-in
  • Building trust to increase revenue
    Global Banking
    Increase in trust
    NPS score uplift
    Revenue growth
    “In my 30 years at the Bank I can’t remember a project that has had anything like this impact. The commercial return has been extraordinary and the wellbeing and sheer joyfulness of our people have been transformed.” - Managing Director
    Leading global bank uses Contexis Insight to understand underperforming employees and poor engagement.

    The bank’s employee engagement surveys were not giving them useful information and engagement activities were having zero impact.

    Contexis Insight revealed a hidden weakness in trust, particularly amongst middle managers, where trust measured 37% below a benchmark of other organisations.

    After a targeted campaign to rebuild trust and create a common sense of commitment and focus the division moved from 2nd weakest commercial performer to 2nd strongest. Revenues grew by 13%. The division saw a significant Internal NPS score uplift.

    Re-measurement using Contexis Insight showed a sustained performance increase – led by a 50% increase in trust.

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  • Activating purpose
    Potential retention increase
    Organisational gains uncovered
    “We wanted to see if we were truly living our purpose. We found working with Contexis inspiring. We learned that purpose is fundamental to our operations. It’s clear that when fully implemented into strategy and culture it provides direction and motivation to all.” - Head of Strategy
    Global insurance group drives performance uplift by activating purpose.

    The company had launched a purpose strategy across the businesses with mixed results and no performance metrics.

    Contexis Insight’s analytics showed that alignment to purpose was a clear predictor of human
    Performance. The data pinpointed where employees were less engaged and aligned to the strategic purpose and identified the specific factors that were blocking purpose activation.

    A unique strategy was developed for each operating company to activate purpose and ignite enhanced performance using targeted actions and analytics.

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  • Increasing retention and revenues
    Professional Services
    Increase in commitment and effective ownership
    Increase in retention
    “Contexis are simply the furthest forward in the science of what activates performance and purpose in Business.” - Partner
    International professional services firm increases engagement, retention and revenues.

    The firm had the common problem of silo-driven management - with a focus on the success of individual practices not firm-wide commercial interests.

    Contexis Insight data revealed that senior management measured poorly in feelings of ownership, commitment and responsibility.

    A sophisticated engagement programme, targeted at specific offices and groups identified as at risk in the analysis, resulted in an increase in commitment and effective ownership of 22% over a 12 month period.

    This led to enhanced strategic collaboration opportunities and increased cross-group fee generation as well as an overall increase in retention of the most valuable fee earners of 17%.

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  • Winning clients by understanding entrepreneurs
    Global Banking
    NPS for the course
    Estimated new business uncovered
    “I learned more in this 3 day course than I did in most of my MBA classes.”
    The bank had restructured its Corporate arm to expand services, but managers lacked strategic expertise.

    Drawing on unparalleled expertise in entrepreneurial understanding, Contexis Impact created an immersive learning experience for client-facing managers and leaders.

    The training provided applied skills to develop genuinely strategic and meaningful relationships with customers and new prospects.

    The success of the programme in the UK saw the training rolled out to include leaders from key markets internationally.

    “This is the best training I have ever received. The client had rejected meetings over and over again. Using this new approach we quickly understood their needs and within a week we won a new £5m mandate!”

    “I learned that – it is amazing how candid people will be if you ask them the “right question”…..and that the tools we explored a few weeks ago can work in almost any situation.”

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  • Building strategy buy-in
    Professional Services
    “The science that sits behind the methodology is amazing - it’s the best new approach in my career.” “Truly one of the best programs and facilitators I have seen. The last few months have changed the way I personally tackle things. It's been awesome.”
    Global professional services firm ensures ownership of a radical new culture change strategy - in the middle of a pandemic.

    Contexis was charged with ensuring the strategy was not just understood but owned by the entire international workforce. In these exceptional circumstances, a traditional ‘launch’ process would never work.

    To succeed, everyone (working from home) had to take personal ownership and responsibility for change. This required a shift from a culture of hierarchy to one of autonomy and self- responsibility. Plus a new spirit of trust, cohesiveness and inclusivity.

    The first step was for everyone to understand and fully engage with purpose – and how this created context and meaning for the new strategy. That bridged the physical and social distance between teams and leaders.

    To live the change, every part of the firm needed to learn and embed the skills and confidence to put it into practice every day.

    6,000 people living the change started with 120 senior and mid managers in a programme of teams-based workshops, discussions and self-learning lasting six months. This group formed a core of leaders who shared the programme with the next cohort of 1200 colleagues – with the support of in-house facilitators and moderators trained and supported by Contexis – and ultimately to all 6000 people globally.

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