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Measure purpose
Contexis Insight

Individuals and organisations perform best when there is a state of harmony and happiness. A simple human truth that makes perfect sense. And yet many organisations have difficulty achieving this equilibrium – more so when they have a dispersed or hybrid workforce or where their best people are burning out.

What's the alchemy that drives the most impressive businesses? What drives the commitment of their people, the agility of their leadership and the innovation of their cultures? What supports their human vibrancy?

Can this be codified and understood? Can it be measured? And replicated in any business?

That is the challenge we set ourselves, based on years of working for and with the most human and most successful businesses around. And on the latest behavioural science from our research partners at University of Cambridge and around the world.

The result is our pioneering data measurement system. The combination of this unique system and our deep analysis delivers robust measurement, recommended actions, and predictive results. It's a system that has been adopted by organisations in nearly 50 countries. And that gives us millions of data points across dozens of organisations. And allows us to ask employees just a few clever questions to know in advance the impacts of any intervention in every population group across the business.

Contexis Insight® helps you clarify priorities, strengthen commitment, minimise burnout, and maximise retention within your organisation.

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It's all in the numbers

  • Increase human performance by an average of
  • Increase commitment amongst hybrid workers by
  • Improve joy, meaning and wellbeing by
  • Increase employee retention by
  • Increase direct revenue by

What our clients say

"Measuring trust, context and clarity through the Index has helped us be specific on where we need to focus our time and attention. I can't recommend them more!"

– Liam Wardley, Head of Operations Impact and Purpose, Pinsent Masons LLP
"That is really where Contexis has come in, stripping down performance and showing the best way forward to intervene where purpose is blocked."

– Dr Victoria Hurth

Infuse your business with performance alchemy

Contexis Impact

What do you get when you combine world-class business brains with the latest academic thinking? In one word, Impact. Using a practical approach that builds on our unique global data and analyses, we’re able to understand how to motivate your people, activate your culture, and transform business-critical human performance. It’s people science at its best.

We’re able to elevate knowledge and inspire leaders through our advanced coaching, advisory and change programmes, while transforming performance and embedding change throughout your organisation.

What our clients say

"Contexis provides unique expertise that has the ability to transform businesses. Their methods are powerful and effective, so be prepared to be challenged and improve your business"

– James Alexander, Managing Director, Barclays Wealth Management
"The Contexis approach is very different from what you may be used to. They bring very powerful ideas from behavioural psychology mixed with experience of pragmatic business decision making."

– Steve Briscoe, Executive General Manager, Group Operations and Technology, Commonwealth Bank

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