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We believe in the power of purpose and entrepreneurial thinking to change business and change lives.

What we Believe

We believe that all businesses have a fundamental responsibility to protect and improve the lives of the people who work for them, the societies we serve and the planet we share.  That is why we are a Certified BCorp, joining 3,000 other businesses globally that demonstrate the very highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.  As a BCorp we are proud to be a business that is a force for good.

Becoming a BCorp

But it is no longer good enough for that responsibility to be seen as a matter of good governance and therefore de-coupled from what our businesses actually do.

Having worked with great entrepreneurial leaders in businesses of all sizes for many years has shown us that, to truly succeed in a transparent, ambiguous and fast-moving world, business needs to take a clear and courageous view of what it believes in and why it deserves to exist – and then place that belief at the very heart of its strategy.

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What we Believe

Purpose drives strategy

We believe that when purpose drives strategy it simply makes for better performing, more agile, responsive and more sustainably valuable businesses because it has the power to create passionately engaged people, thrillingly innovative cultures and clear and high-velocity management.

But this can only happen when leaders allow their people to feel a strong sense of emotional ownership and create a culture of uncompromising and contagious trust.

We call this entrepreneurial thinking. And it leads to unstoppable change.

Who we are

Contexis People

have a rare combination of entrepreneurial and big business experience. We have all held senior positions in some of the largest businesses on the planet from Mars to Unilever to Diageo via Boeing and Bacardi. And we have all built entrepreneurial businesses of our own.

We think this gives us a unique perspective.

And what gets us out of bed in the morning is a passionate belief that entrepreneurial thinking and a truly activated purpose can transform even the biggest and most complex businesses. Our goals is to help bring clarity and drive back to businesses, to help them reconnect with their purpose, re-engage with their people and become agile again.

We have taken this obsession and turned it into a rather brilliant methodology that is now used by large companies globally to remove corporate shackles, shatter legacy thinking amongst leaders, rekindle belief and connection in middle management and transform cultures right down the organisation.

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