We understand business strategy; and we understand the human behaviours that get in its way.

We can show how purpose and entrepreneurial thinking working together achieve extraordinary clarity, passionate buy-in and full implementation at every level of an organisation.

Who we are

Dispersed working is here to stay.  For most there will be no ‘back to normal’ 

The challenge of dispersed working is not new. There are more than 10,000 books on how to lead teams remotely. What is new is the scale of the challenge and the fact that it reaches every part of the organisation. 

So what can we do about it?

New research explains why the usual solutions will have minimal impact on employee feelings and behaviours. And it shows that an activated purpose is the key that unlocks productivity and connectivity in dispersed teams

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Entrepreneurial Thinking

We believe that when purpose drives strategy in an environment of trust, it creates passionately engaged people, innovative cultures and clear and high-velocity management. We call this entrepreneurial thinkingAnd it leads to unstoppable change.

What we do

People talk to us when

strategy isn't being implemented or purpose isn't gaining any traction
· when a lack of clarity paralyses the leadership’s ability to act decisively and communicate effectively
· when a lack of trust leaves management unwilling to take responsibility for fear of sanction
· when fear and legacy thinking disable team effectiveness and reduce productivity and agility of thinking

Who we work with

What we do

We understand strategy and the human behaviours that get in its way

We use our understanding of how fast-moving, entrepreneurial businesses actively engage their people to help leaders and managers in large organisations not only understand strategy but take real ownership of it

we help

We help big companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution and maximise organisational performance by unlocking the extraordinary power of purpose through entrepreneurial thinking


We help mature and complex organisations overcome fearful and legacy thinking to build cultures of trust that foster agile, dynamic management teams able to perform under pressure

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87% of CEOs say executing strategy successfully is essential. Yet 61% acknowledge that they struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its implementation.

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90% of CEOs are actively implementing purpose. Yet most report it’s failing to make any difference to the beliefs and behaviours of their people.

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Most teams break down under pressure. Agile, high trust teams are 50% more productive and work faster, smarter and more creatively under pressure.

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 What if we could prove, beyond doubt, that behaving ethically was not just better for people, society and planet but better commercially than a purely profit-led approach? And show you precisely how that can work in your own organisation.

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