Value Genie

london, uk

Laser-sharp positioning and messaging via value proposition development

Value Genie will help you build a clear, compelling and credible Value Proposition that genuinely differentiates your business. 

Businesses structured around creating, marketing and selling products and services simply cannot succeed in today’s marketplaces. Your ‘stuff’ is only relevant to a client if it delivers value that relates to their specific challenges, opportunities, needs and aspirations. 

We help businesses focus on customer outcomes, the only way to achieve sustainable growth. Our insights, tools and resources enable our clients to develop powerful value propositions that enable real differentiation and shortlist-of-one outcomes. 

Value Genie’s structured pathway will guide you through: 
• understanding your clients’ circumstances, operations and perceptions – which requires you to understand what those clients’ customers value, and how they feel about the value they receive 
• defining, establishing and monetising the value you currently deliver, or can deliver, profitably to clients 
• precisely crafting experiences that deliver this value for specific clients or client groups. 

Our team of seasoned business experts will deliver practical and usable outputs, using a range of bespoke techniques and tools including interactive workshops and digital surveys. The pathway is modular, and can be taken at your own pace, with actionable to-dos at each step.


Contexis says…..

An absolutely key part of building the ‘think small be agile’ philosophy is to move large organisations far closer to the customer. To do that requires everyone in the organisation to fully understand the customer, their values and how they perceive the business and the brand. That is the heart of the value proposition. We have found no-one on either side of the Atlantic who better achieves that and has a process that so effectively facilitates change  than Value Genie.

“Value Genie will take you on a journey, and the penny will drop, that your customers or channel partners each value different things. The outcomes of Value Genie’s steps will be a revelation, and will transform your business.”
Anne Lambton, Director and Founder at Channeliser
“Working with Value Genie is a unique experience. Highly recommended! ”
Elton Xhemali, Managing Director, RevZone Solutions
“Let the Value Genie out the bottle and put their magic to work on your current, perceived value proposition. It’s the beginning of an intense reality show that will change the way you look at marketing and service delivery.”
David Clarke, Member of the Advisory Board, Today Translations