There is always something interesting to read on the MindGym site, and we really enjoyed this article on business purpose, entrepreneurship and Elon Musk.

Entrepreneurial leaders like Musk tend to have a sense of purpose that works on three levels: by seeing the outcome of their work (in this case Tesla’s first electric car for a mainstream audience), by contributing towards something they couldn’t achieve alone (Musk is a tech entrepreneur, not an automotive engineer) and by making the world a better place (Musk’s ambition for a sustainable global energy future).

58% of US workers would take a 15% pay cut to do work which is aligned with their personal values, but only 24% of US workers think their work is meaningful, and a further 17% aren’t sure. If people don’t think their work makes a difference to themselves or anyone else, how can we expect them to be motivated to lean in and to always give their best?  One way to help people find meaning in what they do is to connect them with the person, initiative or community they positively impact:

Task purpose: I can see the fruits of my labor. My efforts lead to progress, and no work is futile.

Collective purposeI’m contributing towards something I couldn’t achieve alone. Having a strong sense of contributing to a team effort motivates me to dig deeper and perform better.

Social purpose: My work has a wider impact and it matters beyond my immediate workplace.

The opportunity to have a meaningful job is open to us all.  For our thoughts on purpose in business you might want to read our latest article on how purpose can help boost productivity.

You can read the full article here.