natalie carrick,

london, uk

Natalie inspires and energises business leaders and their teams, enabling them to articulate issues hindering their progress and to develop a clear and very do-able strategy to achieve their vision.

Natalie is known for her ability to identify and clearly articulate issues that are stifling business or individual progress and for her calm and attentive approach, which allows her clients to explore challenging and sometimes emotive topics in a positive and constructive way.

Her special area of interest is in applying her original background in life sciences with innovative tools from the worlds of sport and healthcare to improve energy, health and performance for business leaders and their teams.

Natalie has 20+ years experience in business in a mix of commercial and consulting roles, working with corporates and small businesses, including family owned firms and has worked extensively overseas,with clients throughout Europe and North America and with operations teams in India and China.

Natalie holds a BSc Hons in Pathobiology & Chemistry, followed by 2 year’s biomedical research at Reading University.  She’s an accredited executive coach through The School of Coaching, London and Strathclyde University and is licensed to conduct emotional intelligence profiling for individuals and teams. She also conducts heart rate variability assessments using Firstbeat™ technology, giving clients the means to understand their physiological response to stress and to manage their energy more effectively, in and outside of work.

When she’s not working with clients, she’s happiest outdoors – riding horses, bikes and exploring mountains.

“Natalie is highly flexible, professional, inspiring and leaves no stone unturned in enabling the executive or business owner to succeed with their business. She regularly hits the nail on the head in terms to establishing what the barriers to success are and helping to remove them”
Justin Hayward, Director, CIR Strategy
“Natalie is a highly perceptive coach who engages with her clients empathetically.  Her calm, supportive manner creates a safe environment for clients to explore their issues in times of stress. She makes you work hard, asking insightful questions and occasionally offering a strong but appropriate challenge – which makes you stop and think. You emerge better able to identify and consider objectively, your options going forward.  Working with Natalie is time very well spent. ”
Lesley Granger, former HR Director, BBC Global News
“Natalie exudes a calm, professional and knowledgeable persona, backed by considerable business and group dynamic awareness.  I would not hesitate in consulting her and taking her advice regarding building a high performing team.”
Justina Gay, Director of Children’s Services, Brighter Futures Foster Care