martin colston,

london, uk

Martin is adept at creating compelling strategies and plans, and building and leading high-performing teams to deliver them. He is relishing being out in the big wide world, free from some of the constraints of corporate life.

Martin is passionate about leadership, and has shown many times that a clear, compelling vision has the power to inspire others to act without the need for line authority. And he’s built and led many strong teams which have challenged processes and hierarchies and done what it takes in order to single-mindedly deliver against their commitments.

Martin has seen a company change from a pioneering, big-thinking, risk-taking exciting ‘family’ to a sluggish, narrow, risk-averse big corporate enterprise and is clear about what has been lost: real leadership and real teamwork.

As an engineer originally, Martin has moved into brand marketing, market research, back into product innovation, and then into strategy development. He thrives in a multi-cultural environment, while being both fiercely English and proud of his Austrian ancestry; and has a wide understanding of B2B in  North America, Asia and Europe.

Martin is driven to challenge himself and others to shake off self-limiting beliefs and aim for and achieve real stretch goals and channel the resulting self-confidence into further break-throughs. Like when he risked his career by choosing a 3-day week ahead of promotion, and ended up both with irreplaceable Dad time with his 3 kids, and full-on, highly stimulating roles at the same time;  or when he helped his 9 year-old daughter overcome her fear of heights and end up jumping off an 18ft high cliff into a river.

“Martin is a great team builder – very aware of the power of teamwork to getting business results and he is a natural in building team confidence and encouraging collaboration from the team players. I would highlight his skills in developing sound business strategies – working skilfully with very senior management and drawing the best from external consulting partners.”
Mike Smith, Digital Consultant
“I view Martin as an "outstanding performer." He not only brought an extremely high level of strategic savvy to the Mars business, but also a high level of creativity, most recently being instrumental in developing our market entry strategy and start-up plans for China. He always projects a very positive attitude and inspires the best in people. I would give Martin the highest of recommendations”
Rich Surmaitis, former Global Marketing VP for Mars Drinks