john rosling,


london, uk

John understands the DNA of the entrepreneur like few others. A well-rounded business founder and grower, he has made it his mission to capture and make simple what the entrepreneurial mind knows intuitively.

Ex-Unilever and Diageo, John is a prolific writer and speaker on entrepreneurship and a guest lecturer at Cranfield Business School and Cambridge University Judge Business School.

He has stepped between entrepreneurship in large and small companies throughout his career. As leader of the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter campaign” during his time at Unilever, he showed how agile a large company can be. And in the founding of a major marketing company in 1995, he created every entrepreneur’s dream: a company that succeeded independently of him.

Previously CEO of Shirlaws UK, and now as a founding partner of Contexis, he helps large companies become agile, understand their small business customers and build their entrepreneurial community.

“If you get the chance to hear John Rosling talk take it - it will be inspirational.”
Leadership team member, UK plc
“I love working with John. He has an uncanny ability to get to the source of the real issues within a business. He is inspirational, he is creative, he is calm. He also makes me laugh.”
Leader of global retail bank
“John is a first rate speaker and his book is a "must read". He is truly inspirational in what he says particularly on the subject of managing business risk to advantage and understanding one's own attitude to risk. He was very well received by delegates at a recent business risks conference we hosted.”
Head of industry governing body, UK
“John has an exceptional ability to see through problems to potential solutions, but never dictating what "the solution" should. Unusually he engages stakeholders in forming their own conclusions and helping them to delivering wide accepted solutions to business problems as if by magic.”
UK retailer
“I learned more in this 2.5 day course than I did in most of my MBA classes.”
Head of Product, Tel Aviv
“This was one of the most revealing & deep courses I have been in 30+ years.”
Leadership team member, UK bank
“The best professional training I have had so far in my life!”
Relationship manager, Canada