jane nichols,


london, uk

Jane is passionate about creating and supporting business with purpose and helping large corporations harness the power of entrepreneurship to drive agility, engagement and sustained cultural change. She is wise, warm and ever so slightly wild – just what large companies who are looking to throw off their corporate shackles tell us they need.

With a background in Food Science, Jane’s early career with Mars gave her broad FMCG experience in research, production, sales and marketing. Her drive for autonomy led to a more entrepreneurial phase with the creation of several businesses in the creative and events sector. During this time, she grabbed the opportunity afforded by the digital revolution to found and develop several businesses and balanced this with supporting her growing family.

At Contexis, she loves working with leaders to create and harness entrepreneurial thinking to drive agility and velocity.  Jane’s vision is to create a legacy that supports her corporate clients to embrace a new agile thinking approach to create real and sustainable cultural shifts and so change businesses and lives.

Very much a county girl at heart, Jane lives in rural Devon.

“Our work with Jane proved invaluable in ensuring we all shared the same context and goal - something that historically has not been easy to achieve and resulting in a far more effective and aligned leadership team. ”
Claire B, Strategy Development Manager, large UK bank
“It rare to meet someone with such a talent for coaching a disparate group to navigate their way to the answers they need. She understands business, almost instinctively, and how to drive a more entrepreneurial culture.”
Lesley McBride, Change Communications & Engagement Consultant
“The Agile Teams programme helped us understand and appreciate each other's skills. The ongoing support ensured we never lost our context and drove home the importance of 'ask not tell' to deliver a successful strategy.”
Leadership team member, UK bank.