jackie smyth,

london, uk

Jackie has a way with people that enables them to think in ways they didn’t know they could. Coming from the entrepreneurial world where 'survival of the quickest' is the prevailing culture, Jackie inspires clients and gives them the confidence to move quickly and sure-footedly, to think clearly and creatively and to ad-lib in real time.

Jackie is uniquely able to incorporate small company thinking into her approach, to ensure that time is used valuably, and that outcomes are reached in interesting and sometimes revelatory ways.

Jackie’s background is in corporate and financial communications.  During her career she has worked at all levels, and at a range of stages in the growth cycle of a number of PR agencies. She has also been through the spectrum of corporate transitions that these businesses experience; from start-up, to building the business with the introduction of staff and talent strategies, to team relocations, rationalizations, mergers, management buy-outs and finally, a trade sale to a large, international group. This has given her a particular insight into the development issues faced by people in entrepreneurial, growing businesses, at different stages in their maturity; in other words, what matters to them, and when.

She helps clients to identify, articulate and communicate what, authentically, sets them apart from the crowd, and makes them the organisation or individual that their clients choose to work with.

Jackie lives in Wimbledon, in south west London, and as you’d maybe expect, loves tennis.

“A wonderful speaker, who had fantastic engagement with each of us individually.”
Taylor Bennett Foundation Trainee
“I have had the pleasure of working with Jackie as an executive coach, first at CL Serviced Apartments and then at Beyonder. Jackie is passionate about her work and demonstrates a huge level of professionalism to seeing the client grow and improve.”
Max Thorne, Chief Executive Officer, SACO Property, Chairman, British Hospitality Association ApartHotel Committee
“ I loved her session; it was interactive, engaging and in-depth. Jackie was a brilliant listener.”
Taylor Bennett Foundation Trainee
“ Jackie’s knowledge and intuition led me through our sessions, prompting me to think outside usual scenarios and trying new viewpoints. She used a skilful blend of theory and practice that I could apply to my own business situations and beyond.”
Elena Zenina, Director, Business Development (Europe), Quant Marketing