frans glazener,

amsterdam, netherlands

Frans’ pragmatic way of working, his open and frank observations and the clarity of his approach allows clients to focus once again on those things that truly add value for them and their customers.

Frans is able to take a helicopter view of the issues facing a company and quickly help in identifying what is necessary to take the company forward. He does so in a very pragmatic way and is able to help to devise strategies that are useable and effective throughout the whole company.

His broad experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings, have given him the skills needed to be able to help companies help themselves. He has experienced at first hand that bringing back the entrepreneurial mindset to a company has resulted in amazing outcomes. Frans firmly believes that change comes from within and that this is far more effective and sustainable than external consultants telling you what to do.

He has spent over 20 years in corporate functions focused mainly on sales and on strategic business development. His passion for innovation enabled him to lead the development of the worldwide mobile applications business at a large IT services company – the precursor to what we know today as apps. He was also part of an internet startup in 2000 and has helped several startup companies since then.

Frans lives near Amsterdam in the Netherlands with his wife and 3 daughters. In his spare time Frans is an avid runner having run several marathons & numerous half marathons, and is continually trying to improve his game of golf.

“During our meetings his down to earth and pragmatic observations led to actions and change that were the most important contributor to the new energy we managed to put into our publishing business, Focus and Functionality! Without his help we would not be where we are at the moment.”
Kees Kooijman, CEO Big Balloon Publishing
“His structured way of working, sense of humour and superb experience as a consultant make him a valuable asset in any team.”
Martijn Verhaegh, NS Dutch railways
“His professional experience, work ethic and great sense of humour make working with him a real pleasure. He is very driven, organised, open-minded and a real team player. Frans is an invaluable asset to any organisation. ”
Ellen Zimmer – Marketing manager Logica UK