david chapman,

london, uk

David inspires excellence. His creative and energising style ensures a training experience that always creates positive change, increased productivity, and commercial uplift.

David’s passion for the positive transformation that executive coaching brings, allied with a commitment to inspiring his clients to deliver commercial results, is the bedrock of his success as a coach.

As a skilled and experienced trainer with nearly 20 years’ experience, David expertly combines his knowledge and understanding of training needs-analysis, design, delivery & evaluation with a complete understanding of leadership development, built up through years of working with global clients in both the private and public sectors.

He is an innovative trainer, with a proven track record of delivering immediate and sustainable results to blue chip corporate clients. His passion for promoting transformational leadership and delivering meaningful change within the leadership populations of corporate and high growth organisations forms an integral part of his energetic approach, and intuitive understanding of work in this area.

David is also an incisive executive coach, catalysing personal performance improvement with senior executive & middle management clients from multi-sector backgrounds. David expertly combines an innovative and incisive coaching process, with a firm grasp on commercial realities, delivering considerable return on expectation with clients in both the private & public sectors. He has delivered coaching programmes to senior executives and next generation leaders within many corporate and fast growth organisations over a number of sectors across the globe.

He is an ILM Level 7 Accredited Coach; a ThinkFeelKnow® accredited Master Coach; holds a postgraduate certificate in Organisational Emotional Intelligence; and is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

“David is a superb coach and facilitator of leadership development programmes. He is insightful, challenging, and inspirational, always making his programmes memorable & practical, ensuring learning is put into practice.”
Helen Quinlivan, International Training Manager, RCL Ltd
“David delivers high-quality coaching for our most senior clients and never fails to impress. His energetic and creative approach challenges the status quo, whilst providing thought-provoking ideas and learning tools for the clients to take away and apply.””
Julie Layton, Client Services Director, Rialto Consultancy
“David always gets to grips with the issues that most concern us: his programmes are lively and entertaining, but above all, extremely powerful and applicable.”
John Abramson, SVP & Deputy General Counsel, Chartis Europe