dave good,

director of programmes

london, uk

Dave is an ‘edge walker’ between corporate and entrepreneurial world. He is skilled at bringing together the ideas and the velocity of the entrepreneur with the structure and process of the corporate. He believes all things are possible.

As Licensing Director for Unilever, Dave expanded many Unilever brands into new markets by partnering with fast growth entrepreneurial business and giving them access to Unilever’s brands, knowledge and finance. A hugely successful venture, creating a rapid innovation cycle for the company and a new business model for growth.

Since then, Dave has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs bringing clarity and energy to help them build brilliant businesses that they love working in.
Dave believes that people and behaviour bring the most difference to corporate agility. He has seen how a sense of ownership is a massive discriminator of performance in all organisations. He has also seen how purpose led organisations outscore performance led organisation in all aspects of business, regardless of the size of the company.

“Dave sees the biggest of pictures and uses this to bring speed and direction to all our initiatives”
Chairman - Global Food Group
“Working with Dave, decision making became really easy. He demanded that we look at the source of all things. The clarity this brought totally shifted the entire business and its performance”
CEO - Leisure Industry
“He can be really annoying and really funny but he held my feet to the fire and really cared for us. In the end we are so much clearer and now move so much quicker”
Group CEO - Safety Industry
“Learning how the entrepreneur thinks has changed the way I approach all my clients. I am loving my job now”
Banking Leader - Hong Kong
“Dave was a personable, sharp and clear and was enormously helpful. A great asset to any strategic leadership team.”
Senior Creative Director - Merlin Group