charlotte baker,

head of the engine room

london, uk

With a background in corporate and entrepreneurial business, Charlotte spans the best of both worlds: fast and pragmatic, she cuts to the chase - helping clients work out what's needed and ensuring it's delivered.

Charlotte is a terrific combination of calm, inspiration and practicality which makes her hard to beat as a corporate change agent. She powers the Contexis Engine Room – designing and producing systems and transformational programmes that run like clockwork and are easily scalable.

Charlotte’s approach is direct, incisive and calm;  clients describe her as a joy to work with given her ability to help them unearth what they really think, what they know will work for them, and most importantly, the motivation to just get on and do it.

Having spent 18 years working in consumer marketing and innovation for Irn-Bru, Premier Brands and Bacardi-Martini Charlotte understands from experience the pressures and rewards of corporate life.  She has worked in companies with a genuine long-term perspective and ones for whom next week might as well not exist.This experience exposed her to the best techniques in large company transformation and in getting the best out of people.

She ran her own coaching practice from 2005-12, working with senior executives and business owners, creating and delivering growth strategies that play to the entrepreneur’s great assets.

Charlotte currently lives in Winchester, UK, and her hobbies are cracking on and wondering what to eat next.

“Charlotte's ability to bring people together to create an environment that is more than the sum of its parts is truly commendable. This has been demonstrated time and again by her creativity, enthusiasm and relentless drive.”
Jonathan Gregory, Director Enterprise Architecture at ProbNoblem Ltd.
“Charlotte has been instrumental in helping me get great workable insights backed with actions and introspection. She listens actively, and provides simple actionable frameworks for development with her few well placed words. Her own experience in corporate life makes it easy to relate to her and her valuable advice. ”
Alok Mehta, Head of Campaign Strategy & Planning at Microsoft Mobile Oy
“Charlotte is a joy to work with. Down-to-earth, focussed and organised herself, she manages to transmit those qualities to others in some subtle but unmistakeable way, whilst also having fun. Spend time with Charlotte and you will be energised, cheered and productive!”
Anne Hathaway, Independent Consultant specialising in creating Thinking Environments