alison rusted,

london, uk

Say it. Own it. Mean it! Alison is a communications coach who believes that authenticity, clarity, enthusiasm and energy is the foundation of great communication. A warm and friendly coach, she pushes and encourages you to maximise your full potential.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!”, and after many years in the media, Ali is convinced that great communication lies at the heart of all successful business relationships. She works in partnership with top executives and entrepreneurs, helping them shine on stage, on radio and TV and in corporate broadcast communications to help them convey their key messages clearly and coherently, with passion and authority.

Before Contexis, Ali was an editor at the BBC where she launched digital stations Radio 4 Extra and 5 Live Sports Extra and commissioned programming for BBC 3. And most importantly, she learned that successful communication is all about understanding the audience – what inspires, enthuses and engages them – and how that understanding will enhance your communication skills and deepen your connection with them.

Her experience of working with everyone from CEOs and directors at large corporates to young individual entrepreneurs has enabled Ali to develop a range of coaching skills to help clients fully realise their potential in communicating their vision effectively to a wider public.

When not coaching, Ali is a huge sports fan, bad clarinettist and keen theatre-goer.

“With an increasing profile that comes with my role, I wanted to up my game and I’m delighted by how far Ali’s training has taken me. It was completely bespoke to my needs, challenging and I’ve emerged full of confidence with the key learnings and techniques at my fingertips. Thoroughly recommended, and good fun…”
Simon Johnson, Group Managing Director, HarperCollins
“I would like to offer you my sincere thanks for the outstanding media training.....the feedback from the participants suggests, that for many, it was the highlight of the event.”
Hugo Shorter, Head of Europe Directorate, External, Foreign & Commonwealth Office