alan wick,

london, uk

Alan brings his sharp intellect and great warmth to work with highly-motivated successful business leaders and teams who want to achieve even more.

Over 25 years Alan founded, sold and invested in a number of successful companies so he knows at first hand the pain and triumph of the business leadership journey. Alan knows how important it is – and how difficult – to create clarity, line up the right people and deliver a strong strategy.

From scouring financial information, analysing customer data, to excavating fears that are holding back the team’s progress, people work with Alan when they’re ready to unlock their full potential.

“Alan is a great business coach. He's patient with the headstrong (!) but he remains persistent. This is a good thing for clients who lurk on the bloody-minded end of the spectrum. He's very perceptive and he capitalises on this by using his excellent timing during the tussle of board room discussions. He has helped us to change the business from a high growth but high stress organisation into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I, as owner/founder, am doing far less with no reduction in growth, standards or controls.”
Emma Killilea, Owner, Delicious Alchemy
“Alan can switch instantly from patient, methodical teacher to decisive, insightful consultant. In either role he's steady, considerate, warm and absolutely trustworthy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a coach and mentor.”
Gwyn Morfey, Managing Director, New Bamboo
“Alan's work as a business coach and mentor is completely transforming our business. His deep skills, professional and measured approach and charming diplomatic manner have enabled our team to discover the best of ourselves and find creative solutions to our business challenges. Alan has an uncanny ability to lead us to answers and clarity where previously there had only been questions and doubt. I recommend Alan unreservedly.”
Simon Harrop, CEO, Brand Sense