alan wick,

london, uk

Alan brings his sharp intellect and great warmth to work with highly-motivated successful business leaders and teams who want to achieve even more.

Alan’s purpose is to empower business owners to fulfil their potential. He loves helping his clients find innovative ways to drive shareholder value, while helping them explore their dreams and fears. Over the last 16 years Alan has delivered thousands of hours coaching, mentoring and advising businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

Prior to this Alan spent 25 years as an entrepreneur, founding and growing a number of businesses nationally and internationally that were sold successfully.

“We've been working with Alan for two years. I have found his approach to coaching to be a great way of nurturing and stretching a business and its leaders. In the time we have been working with Alan, he has helped us transform our business. In addition, he is superbly well connected and always seems to know an expert in every field!”
John Wyer, CEO of Bowles and Wyer
“Alan is a great business coach. He's patient with the headstrong (!) but he remains persistent. This is a good thing for clients who lurk on the bloody-minded end of the spectrum. He's very perceptive and he capitalises on this by using his excellent timing during the tussle of board room discussions. He has helped us to change the business from a high growth but high stress organisation into a more relaxed, happy place, in which I, as owner/founder, am doing far less with no reduction in growth, standards or controls.”
Emma Killilea, Owner, Delicious Alchemy
“Alan can switch instantly from patient, methodical teacher to decisive, insightful consultant. In either role he's steady, considerate, warm and absolutely trustworthy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a coach and mentor.”
Gwyn Morfey, Managing Director, New Bamboo