Market Force


Market Force powers the Agile Teams Styles indicator and methodology that reduces fragile behaviours and increases the agility of teams.

At Market Force we have a passion for creating thriving businesses and relationships.

Our cutting-edge, human dynamics performance methodology allows our clients to overcome persistent challenges, dramatically increase satisfaction and deliver extraordinary results. Our process incorporates the latest research in neuroscience and behavioural theory providing its users with an unfair competitive advantage in managing day-to-day business interactions.

We partner with Contexis to create the Agile Teams™ indicator and methodology that is used to improve business development efforts, team performance and leadership capabilities.


Contexis Says:

We’ve chosen to work with Market Force because we think that the intellectual property has a world-class elegant and effective simplicity and we love the way we work together as a partnership.  We’ve integrated the Market Force product into the Contexis offering to produce the Agile Teams™ package.  Overall Agile Teams  allows teams to understand behaviour under pressure and to then Re-View™ and  implement new strategies in agile and entrepreneurial way.   

“Of all the courses in CU’s core curriculum, Market Force has shown the highest correlation with accelerated revenue growth and improved performance. Individuals and teams in every service line have dramatically transformed their results with these tools.”
Colliers University Course Catalogue
“During a critical juncture, Market Force was hired to develop our leadership team and steer us in the right direction. The tools were instrumental in developing our ability to create the change needed to not only survive but thrive in this new economy. The training has and continues to provide the leadership team and sales professionals the tools they need to build authentic connections and healthy ROI with internal and external clients.”
Susan Bloomfield, Dir of Marketing, CBRE
“Market Force is a one of a kind resource. The methodology quickly assimilates into the group dynamics and is able to help translate the data into tangible action items. I highly recommend the products that Market Force can deliver.”
Katy O'Connor, VP Human Resources, Darigold