I firmly believes that change comes from within and that this is far more effective and sustainable than external consultants telling you what to do.

I am based in Amsterdam but work across Europe. I’m completely at home in a number of languages including French, German, Dutch and English. My way of working is pragmatic, open and frank, and this clarity of approach allows clients to focus once again on those things that truly add value for them and their customers; devising strategies that are useable and effective throughout the whole company.
I have spent over 20 years in corporate functions in sales and strategic business development. My passion for innovation enabled me to lead the development of the worldwide mobile applications business at a large IT services company – the precursor to what we know today as apps. I was also part of an internet startup and have helped several startup companies since then.
These experiences have given me the skills needed to be able to help companies help themselves, and I’ve experienced at first hand that bringing back the entrepreneurial mindset to a company has resulted in amazing outcomes.