How we do it


We aim to build teams that are clear, care and deliver with agility and pace.

Most teams are inherently fragile

but teams that are clear on purpose and strong on ownership and trust are 50% more productive and work faster, smarter and more creatively. And that is particularly true under pressure.

Connecting people. Inspiring commitment.   Enabling responsibility

Our work inspires and connects people across organisations and down hierarchies.  It ensures everyone is engaged with purpose and sees how it creates context and meaning for the team, the business and the strategy.  And that is particularly true of remote teams and those working from home.

What we do

We crurate engaging programmes of films, words and inspiration to stimulate; and we facilitate small groups in person or online to find, understand and collectively commit to purpose.

We take that clarity of purpose and use it to develop a sense of ownership and commitment (shared responsibility) at every level. Creating a culture of trust and cohesion (shared experience) builds teams with clarity, commitment and the confidence to deliver. Teams with the motivations and skills to do that even remotely.  That process involves:

  • embedding purpose to create clarity and connection
  • building consciousness and trust to allow for openness and innovation
  • developing skills of self-responsibility to sustain commitment and autonomy
  • identifying and mitigating how we respond under pressure

How we do it

To achieve that we facilitate multiple small cohorts, usually starting with leaders, in a process of education, skills and awareness development face-to-face or online.  we do this in a moderated programme of facilitated workshops, interwoven with video and narrative content to inspire and challenge.  With coaching of leaders and in-house trainers and facilitators as required.  To ensure change is meaningful.  And change is sustained independently of Contexis.

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