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We believe that when purpose drives strategy in an environment of trust, it creates passionately engaged people, innovative cultures and clear and high-velocity decision making.

Transform your business

Purpose has the power to transform business in a world where 85% of people are actively disengaged* to one in which it is the norm for people to be proud and energised at work; where young talent seeks out big companies instead of actively shunning them**; and where leadership is clear-sighted and decisive.  This is not in theory.  Our numbers prove it to be true.
* Gallup World Poll 2017
** Only 15% of graduates would prefer to work for large corporations, Accenture


Drive Business performance

When properly implemented, purpose drives business performance. A clear purpose can engender the behaviours of alignment and engagement in people. But more than that, purpose creates clarity and velocity in management and openness and creativity in cultures that are the hallmarks of the fast-growing agile, entrepreneurial business and essential in a high velocity, ambiguous business environment.

Yet in most corporate organisations, purpose is just not working in this way

Ownership, Trust and Clarity 

There is a gap between the purpose articulated at the top and the reality experienced by the people in the organisation. And the cause of that gap is a weakness in three key cultural markers; ownership, trust and contextual clarity.

Our work is not so much about helping organisations define their purpose. It is much more about helping them implement it in every part of the organisation.  And that starts with measuring purpose to establish the value purpose is creating in the business today and where its impact is blocked.

Our work helps 

senior management develop the skills and awareness to apply purpose contextually to enable them to act consistently, lead decisively and with clarity, and communicate inspiringly.

It helps create a powerful culture of trust that starts with a change of consciousness amongst senior leaders and then cascades down, allowing managers to take responsibility for actions without fear of sanction and employees to feel emotional ownership to act autonomously and with exceptional discretionary effort.

This is a process of change which ultimately needs to touch 15% of the organisation before it becomes self-sustaining and creates unstoppable change.

The results you will see

People aligned, engaged, and autonomous at every level in the organisation with a culture that is compassionate, collaborative and open where leadership is able to consistently and powerfully communicate in a way that inspires confidence and galvanises unity and collaboration building followship right across the business.

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