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Measuring Purpose

Purpose-led companies are more attractive and empowering places to work

Can purpose be measured, codified & replicated in all companies?

After extensive study of the very best entrepreneurial thinking, combined with cutting-edge academic research at the University of Cambridge we believe it can.
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Measuring Purpose

Ownership, Trust & Contextual Clarity

It’s not about having a social purpose – it’s what you do with it.  Our research identifies 9 key behaviours which drive business productivity and performance. These ‘entrepreneurial’ behaviours are suppressed in most corporate organisations by a weakness in three key cultural markers; ownership, trust and contextual clarity. Purpose in the absence of these key cultural markers is less able to support the positive performance behaviours typical in an agile culture.

Index as a Tool

By understanding and measuring these cultural relationships, our Index creates a tool that any business can use to transform its human capital and organisational performance.

The Index provides robust metrics that reveal how Purpose is working and where its effect is blocked. It employs rigorous scales and reports metrics, in detail, by demographic (age, sex, seniority, time in business etc.) and location.

Measuring Purpose

Index Data

Data for the Index is gathered via a simple on-line Survey or smartphone App. Results are provided in an interactive dashboard or more detailed Report with detailed analysis and recommendations. Running the Index in your company will provide a clear measure of the impact of Purpose on people and performance, show exactly where that impact is blocked and enable you to design highly targeted interventions with a great deal of confidence since they are based on reliable empirical data.

The Results you will see

An empirical measure of the impact of Purpose on human performance in your organisation, an understanding of where that impact is blocked by demographic and by location and the ability to deliver highly targeted interventions and dip stick resulting changes in performance behaviours in real time.

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