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Entrepreneurial teams are agile teams, seeing pressure and breakdown as an opportunity to innovate. 


Most teams are inherently fragile

Most teams in large organisations are unproductive. Competing agendas and a lack of trust and awareness lead to pointless meetings, back channel destructiveness and makes teams cautious and slow. Under pressure teams break down entirely into blame and defensiveness.

Entrepreneurial teams 

look and behave differently. Common purpose and shared trust allow teams under pressure to be at their most productive. Entrepreneurial teams are agile teams, seeing pressure and breakdown as an opportunity to innovate. 

Our Agile Styles & Agile Teams Methodologies 

allow innovative organisations to get the most out of their teams and their people and accelerate team performance. Human behaviour under pressure is almost entirely predictable. Giving teams awareness of that and building trust in each other transforms their performance and brings agility to the process of implementation.




crystal clear of strategic priorities, adaptable and able to respond to ambiguity, exhibiting velocity of decision-making and willingness to take responsibility for its successful implementation 


teams working effectively, under pressure using an agile and creative approach rather than a destructive one based on control. 

The Results you will see


Aligned, engaged, and autonomous at every level in the organisation.


that is compassionate, collaborative and open with leadership consistently, engagingly and powerfully articulating purpose and strategy in a way that inspires confidence and galvanises unity and collaboration right across the business and builds followship 

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Why are corporates so hopeless at innovation (and entrepreneurs so good at it?)

Here’s a story we all tell ourselves. Big companies are slow, risk-averse and shackled by process. That means they can’t innovate which strangles growth and value. Entrepreneurs are fast, open to opportunity and free of corporate baggage. That means they innovate and create huge value. QED.


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