A great article from Steve Fuller, creative head and co-founder of The House, that shows how purpose can help you grow any business, not just the Unilevers of this world.  You can read the full article here or there is a summary of the main points below.

Purpose is a powerful lens for innovation

[pullquote]purpose lets you widen your horizons while still keeping your focus[/pullquote]

Purpose doesn’t just open up more possibilities, it also narrows your innovation strategy into a laser-like focus, giving you permission to ask: is this new opportunity really in line with what our business is ultimately about?

Purpose drives investment (and makes you more investible)

The evidence* shows that having a clearly communicated sense of purpose builds business confidence, drives business investment and can attract new investors.

*Deloitte’s 2014 Culture of Purpose Report

Purpose puts the wind behind your sails (and sales)

[pullquote]72% of global consumers would recommend a company with purpose to others, a 39% increase from 2008 (Edelman 2012[/pullquote]

Purpose is a purchase trigger. A 2012 Edelman survey revealed that over half of consumers will pick the purposeful brand when price and quality are the same. And, customers don’t just buy from purposeful companies: they become advocates.