Engage Coach

manchester, uk

Engage Coach diagnoses thoughts and beliefs key to success and provides a highly personalised development plan to affect positive change

Engage Coach offers a unique and highly innovative, leadership and coaching diagnostic which unlocks performance potential. Underpinned by the latest empirical research in coaching psychology, it identifies a person’s readiness for change, facilitating greater self-awareness by highlighting the key drivers and barriers to performance and leadership success. A person’s ability to engage and take ownership for their own development improvements has a significant impact on performance success.

The Engage Process is a dynamic process which seamlessly integrates development feedback and practical advice on how to drive real behavioural change which leads to performance improvements. Engage also provides the ability to measure impact leading to better investment decisions.

Contexis says….
 Many of our client engagements involve change programmes for organisations, teams and individuals.  In using the Engage Coach methodologies, designed to identify those elements that impede change at a intrinsic and often sub conscious level, we find the speed of change and hence return on investment can be improved considerably.