Dispersed working is here to stay. For most, there will be no ‘back to normal’. 

The challenge of dispersed working is not new. There are more than 10,000 books on how to lead teams remotely.* 

What is new is the scale of the challenge and the fact that it reaches every part of the organisation. 

This is often framed as a technical challenge; the security of IT, remote meeting protocols, creating structure in the employee’s day. 

But this is fundamentally a human challenge not a technical one. 

And that challenge is the debilitating impact of social distance on human psychology; on our motivation, performance and well-being. 

The solution put forward by most advisors is clear: 

      • Set a purpose or team charter
      • Improve your communication
      • Ensure engagement and social interaction

And most are finding this is not enough. 

New research explains why this is so and shows that, in most case, these measures alone will have minimal impact on employee feelings and behaviours.

And it shows that an activated purpose is the key that unlocks productivity and connectivity in dispersed teams.


*Prof Tsedal Neeley, Harvard Business Review, March 2020 

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