50th Generation

cambridge, uk

50th Generation accelerates purpose-led products, companies and people. Make money AND meaning.

50th Generation is a revolution in private business. For start ups and corporates we are a methodology, ecosystem and year long experience to create powerful, purpose-led business.

If you believe that purpose is the source of future profit, we’ll help you grow into a ground-breaking company.

50th Generation provides shelter and adventure for companies committed to creating valuable businesses, from which the world also profits.

Start ups: Tap into our purpose-led business growth methodology, intensive founder learning programme, cost-price office space and extraordinary mentor network.

Corporates: Learn how to be fast, lean and purpose-driven. Turn your big company culture on its head and develop the products of the future with our Insight Out accelerator programme.

Contexis says….
We believe that Purpose is the source of organisational agility and is at the heart of entrepreneurial thinking and the ‘think small’ philosophy. 50th Generation is a remarkable organisation that accelerates the growth of small purpose-led business and simultaneously brings agility to very large businesses. We are proud to partner with them.

“THAT was amazing :-)”
"We tripled our turnover and entered 4 new mkts"
“Carrie, Harry and Richard are proper entrepreneurs and the mentors were top quality.”
Quotes from the last in-house UK cohort
“I can honestly say everyone in the branch is bored of me talking about the fantastic eye-opening and game-changing experience.”
“Such a brilliant event - it certainly lived up to its billing!”
“What a captivating couple of days - absolutely amazing.”
Quotes from last corporate generation